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Covergirl Mascara

For over fifty years Covergirl has infused the beauty industry with fun, sassy attitude. The brand aims to bring out the "easy, breezy and beautiful" side of women all across the globe.

Covergirl's professional cosmetic products help women transform themselves on the outside, making them feel fantastic on the inside too. The extensive range of makeup, including Covergirl Mascara, is innovative, on-trend and confidence-boosting.

Special features

For people who have never tried mascara before, it is amazing to see how it can transform your appearance and enhance the beauty of your eyes instantly. Most women who use mascara are after a specific look. To cover every option, Covergirl has designed a broad range of mascaras to make sure that impossibly long, thick, gorgeous lashes can be yours.

If a natural look is best for you, Covergirl offers a clear conditioning gel mascara to give you carefully shaped lashes as light as a feather.

For a bold, dramatic appearance, other Covergirl Mascaras build up and thicken your lashes significantly by separating and defining even the smallest lashes, creating volume and curl without causing sticky-looking clumps.

For maximum length that will blow away the competition, Covergirl has the perfect mascara to make your lashes long, luxurious and impossible to miss.

There are hypoallergenic options for people with sensitive eyes and skin, regular or smear-resistant waterproof mascaras, and a variety of straight or curved brush types. With so many choices and a range of brown and black shades, Covergirl has made it very easy to get the effect you want. In fact, you could try a different look every day.

Tips and tricks

To get the most out of your Covergirl Mascara, Covergirl recommends drawing the wand out of the tube carefully without pumping it, ensuring that your mascara does not dry out.

While some people only coat their top lashes, a little extra definition and color on the lower lashes can vamp up your look instantly. After applying, try adding one extra coat of formula to the outer corners for a longer, fuller effect.

Decide how you want your lashes to look, then browse the various Covergirl Mascaras we offer to find the perfect match for you.