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Crane Humidifiers

One of the most effective ways to naturally relieve some of the peskiest cold and allergy symptoms is through the use of a humidifier. Moist air may relieve congestion by rehydrating your nasal passages and making it easier to breathe. Until relatively recently, however, humidifiers were boring products to have around the house. Crane humidifiers make these everyday appliances fun for both kids and adults by emphasizing designs that are sleek or cute while still being incredibly functional. You can find a wide selection of Crane humidifiers here at Walgreens.

Types of Crane Humidifiers

The line of Crane humidifiers includes a number of different designs. The two most popular varieties create cool mist using an ultrasonic mechanism that releases drops of moisture into the air through vibration. The humidifiers are whisper-quiet, energy-efficient, and include an automatic shutoff feature. The brand's Drop Humidifiers are designed with Crane's signature teardrop shape, while its Adorable Humidifiers are made to look like different animals (making them a favorite among kids). The company has even licensed the images of several iconic cartoon characters in order to cater specifically to children. Crane also manufactures warm steam vaporizers, germ-defense humidifiers, and classic humidifiers that look more like the standard products you're used to. The brand helps you take care of your humidifier after purchase too, with products like filters and cleaners.

About Crane USA

Founded in 2005, Crane USA realized that more and more consumers were interested in protecting their health with products like humidifiers and air purifiers. Unfortunately, the designs available at the time were boring at best and downright ugly at worst. The company decided to break the mold by innovating products that emphasized design in addition to functionality. The line of Crane humidifiers focuses on the brand's mission to help users express their individuality with products that are fun to use--especially for children.

Whether you're shopping for your little one or just looking for an effective product to use in your room, it's easy to find the perfect Crane humidifier here at Walgreens.