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Illustrate in bright colors with crayons. Their soft texture makes them easy to use as well as safe for children, since they don't have sharp points. Crayons are not as messy as some other art supplies, as long as you can keep the kids from drawing on the walls! You don't have to worry if they do, though, because washable crayons come off with warm water and soap. Popular brands Crayola and Penway offer many colors of crayons to choose from here at

Vivid, fun colors

You can start with a basic pack of 16 crayons in various colors, or choose a larger package containing 64 for the virtuoso in the family. There are also different varieties of crayons these days, including twistable crayons that are fun to use and are protected from breakage by a plastic barrel. Crayons are generally non-toxic and inexpensive, so anyone in the family can use them without worry.

More artistic options

For your family's creative side, browse our selection of craft kits and more. For older children and adults, there are colored pencils, watercolors and art paper. Did you ever imagine that you could dress your child as a crayon for Halloween? All you have to do is choose a color crayon costume from the variety that ranges from infant to adult sizes.

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