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Creams for sensitive skin

Creams for sensitive skin come in a wide range of options, some of which include shaving creams, cream cleansers and moisturizing creams. These types of products are developed for those who have allergies and sensitivities to specific ingredients in other creams and lotions. Walgreens.com carries sensitive skin creams from well-known brands like Burt's Bees, Gillette and Noxzema.

Shaving creams

One of the many creams for sensitive skin that exists is sensitive shaving creams and gels. This type of cream allows you to remove unwanted hair without the need of a razor, which eliminates skin irritation. Simply apply the hair removal cream to the area and let it sit for the directed amount of time before rinsing off. The sensitive cream includes ingredients that soothe and soften the skin, such as shea butter.

Sensitive skin night creams

Creams for sensitive skin that add moisture to your body are ideal for night creams. These moisturizers are generally thick when you apply them, and are hypoallergenic and fragrance free, so you do not have to worry about an allergic reaction. Since this nighttime treatment is designed for sensitive skin,