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Curl activating shampoo

Curl activating shampoo is ideal for those with naturally curly hair. This type of shampoo enhances the quality of the curls while defining the curl pattern. These products typically have ingredients that help minimize frizzy hair, as frizz is a common issue with curly hair. Several common brands carry their own curl activating shampoos such as Redken, Pantene and Matrix.

Curling shampoo

When choosing a curl activating shampoo, opt for a shampoo for culy hair that provides your hair with moisture, unless your hair is naturally oily. This type of curl-defining product adds moisture and strength to your hair. You may find some products with coconut oil for moisture and a protein ingredient for strength. If you are worried about the added chemicals in curl activating shampoo, opt for an organic curling shampoo to boost the appearance of your curls. You may also find silk protein and neem oil in the organic hair products for added strength.

Curl activating mousse

After washing your hair with the curl activating shampoo and conditioner, finish with a curl activating mousse, which provides extra hold for your curls. Choose a moisturizing mousse to retain moisture and minimize breakage. Check the label to see if the product contains alcohol if you need to avoid it for excessive dryness. Once you are done, style with a hair pick as traditional combs and hair brushes can cause issues with curly hair.