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Custom Color Contacts

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Custom Color Contacts

Improving your vision and the appearance of your eyes is possible with custom color contacts. In addition to correcting your vision, these uniquely designed products also allow you to change your eye color for the short term. Whether you want to enhance your natural color or see what you'd look like with a new eye color, you will find contacts to suit your needs and desires here at Walgreens.

How Do Colored Contact Lenses Work?

High-tech custom color contacts work in a variety of ways to enhance your eye color while meeting your vision needs. Some of these contacts work to blend three colors for a truly unique and distinctive look. This 3-in-1 technology creates a striking color that remains natural. You can choose from such eye color shades as amethyst, green, pure hazel, and turquoise. This technology allows you to subtly enhance your eyes or transform their color, whatever you choose.

You can also choose custom color contacts based on your natural eye color. Certain styles of contacts are designed to enhance dark eyes for a natural change in color. Others are more appropriate for lighter eyes, giving them that noticeable pop you've always wanted. Whether you want deep evergreen, royal blue, or gray eyes, you can achieve them with custom color contacts.

Can I Wear Colored Contacts?

Custom color contacts work well for individuals who also wear contact lenses for vision correction. Rather than choosing clear contact lenses, you can opt for these custom color contacts, which add a tint of color to your eyes. Simply enter your current prescription when ordering to ensure you choose contacts that enhance your vision and color at the same time.

Some custom color contacts can also be worn by individuals who do not need vision correction. In these cases, you're purchasing the contact lenses solely to change or alter the color of your eyes. The contact lenses are worn just like prescription contact lenses, but they only provide the color, not the correction.

Tips for Using Colored Contacts

Once you select the custom color contacts for you, follow manufacturer directions closely. Some contact lenses are disposable and should be replaced every day, two weeks, month or longer. Replace your contact lenses as recommended to keep your eyes healthy.

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