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Diabetic lancets

Available in different sizes, diabetes lancets for use with a diabetes monitor system can help you test your blood sugar efficiently and comfortably. Find the diabetes lancets that are compatible with your glucose monitor and stock up for regular testing. For your comfort, you can choose ultra-thin diabetic lancets that can minimize pain while supplying enough blood for testing. Browse brands such as Owen Mumford, OneTouch and Accu-Check for the diabetic testing kits you need.

Choosing your lancets

When you've found diabetic lancets that work with your diabetic monitors and test strips, choose between packages of 25, 100 or more. The smaller packages can be a good option for trying a new type of lancet or for traveling, while larger quantities can keep you stocked for months depending on how often you test. There are also some diabetic lancets that come with containers for easy and sanitary disposal.

Additional supplies

To make lancing even easier, you can try a lancing device to minimize pain. We also carry sharps and needle disposal products as well as diabetic storage and travel packs. Stock up on test strips that work with your diabetic monitor. Even if you're looking for a new monitor, you have many options here at Walgreens.com. For your overall health, you can find diabetes support supplements as well as diabetic skin care and sugar substitutes.