Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can help you give up all of the hassles that come with wearing glasses, but traditional reusable contacts can pose their own problems. As you wear contacts for vision correction and improved focus, bacteria, allergens and other substances can accumulate on their surfaces, which is why reusable contacts must be cleaned on a daily basis. Having to purchase cleaning products and go through the daily routine of cleaning can be inconvenient, and for those who are tired of completing it, daily disposable contact lenses could be the solution. With daily lenses, you simply throw away your contacts at the end of the day and start fresh with a new pair the next day. There is no need to clean or disinfect them, making daily disposable contact lenses maintenance-free contacts. If you have difficulty keeping your contacts clean or suffer from frequent eye infections or allergies despite careful cleaning, daily disposable contact lenses could help to keep your eyes in better health. Talk to your eye doctor about whether or not daily disposable lenses are right for you.

Ordering Daily Disposable Contact Lenses the Easy Way

If you already have a prescription for your contact lenses, Walgreens makes it easy for you to complete your purchase. Instead of having to return to your eye doctor every time you need a refill on your current prescription, you can order a new supply of daily disposable contact lenses from the contact lens department. This will not only save you time, but will also help you save on the cost of your contacts, as Walgreens offers low prices on daily disposable contact lenses every day. Simply place your order and then fax your prescription or allow Walgreens to contact your eye doctor for a confirmation. Your contact lenses will then be shipped right to your door. When you wear daily disposable contact lenses, you can't reuse your contacts even a single time, so make sure that you always have a fresh supply waiting in order to avoid running out. Shop the contact lens department at Walgreens to find the brand recommended by your doctor and discover the easy way to purchase contacts.