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Dark And Lovely Hair Color

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Dark and Lovely Hair Color

Few people wake up in the morning with the glamorous glossy hair the movies and television shows often portray. Silky smooth hair typically requires special care and treatment to give it that irresistible look and feel. It's no secret that styling your hair can take time and effort, but thankfully special beauty products can help make the process just as smooth as your locks. The Dark and Lovely Hair Color line is the #1 product line devoted to women of color, making it easy to have beautiful, soft, smooth hair all the time.

Sleeker, Shinier Hair in No Time: Go Dark or Go Light

Dark and Lovely Hair Color spans the spectrum with vibrant permanent and semi-permanent shades for every skin tone and preference. Change your hair color at a moment's notice with the selection of "same day" kits that allow you to relax and color your hair in one sitting. Work with your natural palette or choose a new and exciting color that provides a true expression of yourself. Consider the Go Intense! line, which leverages the hair's natural undertones to create a look that is highly reflective in color and full of luminous shine.

Chase Away the Grays

Enjoy up to 100% coverage of grays and revive your hair color with the Reviving Colors? line, designed to give your hair all that it needs in one application. The Dark and Lovely hair color collection allows you to touch up or completely change your hair color as desired, while also providing added moisture to fight the dryness often associated with hair coloring.

Built-in Protection for Your Hair

In addition to providing the rich hair hues that you love, Dark and Lovely Hair Color kits offer a number of different protective qualities for your hair. The Fade Resistant line delivers gorgeous color that lasts while also protecting natural and relaxed hair during the process. This formula contains Dark and Lovely's exclusive Moisture Seal technology that delivers double the conditioning power for ultra-soft and silky hair. Dark and Lovely hair color products are also formulated to protect the hair against breakage, containing moisturizing oils, fortifying vitamins and other natural ingredients.

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