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Dark Purple Nail Polish

A flawless manicure is something that people notice whether you're at work or out for a special night. Getting the right nail polish color to complete your manicure will help you ensure that your nail look truly wows. If you're searching for a dark purple nail polish to maximize the beauty of your manicure, Walgreens can help with a selection of high quality nail color options.

Many Gorgeous Shades to Discover

Dark purple nail polish comes in many different shades, ensuring that there is something for every taste. You can find products that have a pinkish-purple cast and are very bold and bright. Some deep purple nail polish is nearly black in color while others are a rich shade of eggplant or royal purple. You can also find dark purple nail polish that is slightly deeper than a pale lilac or lavender hue but not as dark as some other shades. Keep in mind that very dark colors are often considered more appropriate for nighttime wear or for special events.

Comparing Polish Finishes

Not only do dark purple nail polish products differ in their colors but they also feature different finishes that change their appearance. The finish of the nail polish refers to the quality of the color. Most nail polish products have a glossy finish, meaning that they still have a shiny, wet look when dry. Others have a matte finish with little to no shine, and semi-gloss or semi-matte products are in between with moderate shine. Some dark purple nail polishes have glitter finishes that sparkle.

Other Nail Polish Features

After you have decided what color and finish of nail polish is right for your manicure, you can think about other features of nail color products that might benefit you. If you don't like to use nail polish remover on your fingernails, you might prefer a water-based product that peels off after it is soaked in water; however, keep in mind that the color from a water-based formula will not last as long as that of an ordinary nail polish. Some dark purple nail polishes are single coat products, meaning that they are extra thick and can typically produce desired color results with just one coating of the polish.