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Decaf Coffee

If you love the taste of freshly-brewed coffee but do not want the energy boost that comes with it, then consider switching to decaf coffee. Decaf ground coffee is easy to brew and tastes exactly the same as the original product, although it does not contain caffeine. Whether you avoid caffeine for personal or health reasons or simply need a coffee that does not keep you up all night, decaf is a smart alternative. You can even purchase decaf instant coffee for a quick cup on the go.

Choosing coffee brands for your home

Coffee comes in a wide assortment of different flavors and variations. Some of the most popular brands available include Folgers and Starbucks coffee. Whether you are a fan of French vanilla and lighter caramel roasts or instead prefer the rich and savory notes of dark coffee, there is a never-ending array of fantastic products to consider adding to your kitchen.