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Whether you're suffering from colds, flu, or nasal congestion related to allergies, decongestants can help ease the pain and make it easier to breathe. [Nasal decongestants] are available in a variety of forms, so you're sure to find just what you need. Some decongestants can take effect almost immediately, while others may take a little while. The decongestants that don't take effect right away tend to provide relief for a longer period of time than [fast-acting decongestants].

Types of decongestants

If you're looking for immediate relief, try a spray, mist, or [inhaler decongestant] to relieve the symptoms of congestion. These types of decongestants can provide instant relief by delivering powerful nasal decongestants directly into the nostrils. If you use a spray or inhaler to relieve your symptoms, you will need to use it more often to prevent the symptoms from coming back. If you're looking for lasting relief, try taking [decongestant tablets]. This type of decongestant may take longer to work, but it provides relief that lasts for several hours. These tablets often combine other ingredients to relieve symptoms other than congestion to help relieve all the symptoms caused by common colds or flu. Many decongestants offer additional benefits such as added cough suppressants, fever reducers, and pain relievers. Some decongestants even contain antihistamines to provide relief from symptoms caused by allergens. Make sure you choose a non-drowsy formula for daytime relief of your symptoms.