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Degree Adrenaline

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Degree Adrenaline

When you want to avoid excessive sweating and mask unpleasant body odors, using Degree Adrenaline products can help accomplish both tasks. Degree Adrenaline is both a deodorant and antiperspirant and comes in various scents to suit your preference.

Preventing sweat and odors

Deodorants are infused with a specific fragrance that helps cover up the smell of unpleasant body odors. Antiperspirants include ingredients that decrease how much you sweat, so you experience less underarm wetness. Degree Adrenaline combines the abilities of deodorants and antiperspirants into one product to help streamline your daily routine. It also responds to heightened adrenaline by giving off even more fragrance when you sweat. This can benefit athletes and other individuals with active lifestyles. Choosing the scent is a matter of personal preference, and Degree Adrenaline makes the search easier by providing a variety of scents designed to make you smell good. Fragrances include Sport Defense, V12, Adventure, and more.

What is the invisible stick?

The Degree Adrenaline deodorants and antiperspirants can be found in the form of invisible solid deodorants. These deodorant sticks are compact, easy to hold, and portable. They don't take up much space on the counter or in travel bags, which allows you to keep it close by when you're working or exercising. The invisible stick lets you apply Degree Adrenaline to your underarms without leaving behind stains or smudges on your clothes. With this deodorant, you can wear dark clothing on a regular basis.

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