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Degree Clinical Protection

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Degree Clinical Protection

Degree Clinical Protection deodorant keeps your underarm area dry and free of odor, even when other deodorants don't work for you. Degree Clinical Protection deodorant contains the active ingredient aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, which works by temporarily plugging the glands that produce sweat.

Choosing an antiperspirant

When you choose an antiperspirant, you should take into account your own physiology as well as your scent preferences and how sensitive your underarm skin is. If you don't sweat much, you might only need a basic deodorant, which masks mild underarm odor with a strong fragrance. People who experience more pronounced perspiration might need an antiperspirant, which actually makes you sweat less. For people with severe perspiration that normal antiperspirants can't handle, a stronger product, such as Degree Clinical Protection deodorant, can be the answer. Degree Clinical Protection deodorant comes in a few different scents, so you can choose one that appeals to you. You can choose a version designed specifically for men or one that can be used by men or women.

Using clinical-strength antiperspirant

When you use a clinical-strength antiperspirant, such as Degree Clinical Protection deodorant, you can expect 24-hour protection from wetness and body odor. You should use your antiperspirant as part of an overall underarm hygiene regimen that also includes washing regularly with bar soap or shower gel. Clinical-strength antiperspirant should only be used on the underarm area, not other areas of the body. If you have sensitive underarm skin, you may benefit from a product made with moisturizers built in.

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