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Degree Deodorant

Feel your freshest all day long with Degree deodorant. With formulas for both men and women, Degree has you covered. Degree anti-perspirant deodorant contains ingredients that keep bacterial growth in check, the root of unpleasant underarm odor. Consider Degree Clinical Protection deodorant if you need an extra level of odor control. Many Degree deodorants are in stick form or roll-on, but some are offered in a convenient spray that is great for mid-day use.

Stay odor free throughout the day

A deodorant stick is a critical tool in your body-care arsenal. Choose one that fits your activity level, and also consider what you wear; some deodorants go on clear, while others leave a bit of a film after applying. Check out clinical anti-perspirant options if you suffer from excessive sweating or have a high activity level. These extra-strength deodorants contain greater amounts of moisture- and bacteria-fighting ingredients that combat even the worst bouts of sweating.