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Dental floss

Using dental floss at least once a day is highly recommended by dentists as it removes dirt between the teeth that can cause tooth decay. We have a great selection of dental floss, as well as devices that help you use dental floss more efficiently and more easily. Walgreens.com carries floss brands like Oral-B, Reach and Johnson & Johnson.

Dental flossing devices

Dental floss picks and pre-cut floss strands have features that make it easier for you to floss your teeth, especially if you are wearing braces or have other dental work that can cause regular dental floss to tangle or pull. Floss threaders make it easier for you to use dental floss around your dental work, and they include rubber tips that help you remove food that is stuck to your braces. Flossers, also called flossups, consist of a frame that is pre-loaded with dental floss as well as a pick for additional convenience. They are great time-savers that are perfect to keep in your school locker or office desk so you can quickly floss your teeth after lunch or a snack. Another version of the flosser uses a handle with disposable flosser heads that are easy to use and replace. Oral irrigators and water flossers use concentrated jet streams of water to dislodge debris and plaque-causing organisms from the spaces between your teeth, and you can use them along with dental floss for the best possible daily cleaning routine.

Types of dental floss

The main types of dental floss are waxed floss that glides efficiently between your teeth, unwaxed floss for maximum plaque removal, and woven floss for added strength. All types of dental floss are available unflavored or with pleasant mint flavors.