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Dental Picks

You may well be brushing twice daily and feeling good about your diligence, and yet your gums and teeth might well be suffering. Flossing plays a crucial role in oral hygiene by removing food debris and plaque from crevices and hollows too remote and inaccessible for the bristles of even the finest-quality toothbrush. Many reach for a length of filament to attend to the spaces between teeth and gums, but for some individuals a naked string may be difficult--even uncomfortable--to properly operate. It's for those seeking an alternative to traditional floss spools that Walgreens showcases such a full variety of dental picks produced by leading dental-health manufacturers. The array may initially seem overwhelming, but just ease into browsing through product overviews and customer reviews--you'll surely find yourself narrowing down the options in short order. Regular flossing can lessen the likelihood you'll develop a serious periodontal disease. That's reason enough to practice it, but you'll also likely appreciate the breath-freshening capabilities of a high-quality, appropriately wielded dental pick as well.

The Importance of Regular Flossing

A toothbrush does an admirable job cleaning the surfaces of your teeth, but their interstices tend to prove somewhat inaccessible to even the stiffest, densest bristles. Such gaps are accumulation zones for food particles and, ultimately, for the flourishing of bacteria that can lead to plaque and tartar deposits. Those buildups, meantime, translate to periodontal disease: the aggravation of gums known as gingivitis, and the more serious weakening of gum, jaw, and tooth structure called periodontitis. Such afflictions can result in the loss of teeth if they're allowed to intensify without treatment. From water flossers to flossing picks, the Walgreens inventory offers products acutely designed to clean those hard-to-reach areas and thus stave off periodontal disease--a pretty nice bargain, given how easy and quick these modern dental picks are to use. To navigate your way through the selection, key into the design explanations laid out in the product descriptions, and be sure to check whether any fellow customers have offered reviews on the given item. With high-quality tools such as these, flossing needn't even be a chore, but rather one of those daily practices so straightforward as to be enjoyable.