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Dental Water Picks

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Dental Water Picks

Dental water picks (also called water flossers) offer a highly effective alternative to flossing for removing plaque and supporting the health of your gums. Whether you find it difficult to floss because of dental work or mobility issues, or you just don't like using string floss, dental water picks can help you to maintain your oral health. At Walgreens, we carry a nice selection of dental water picks to help improve your oral hygiene.

How Does a Dental Water Pick Work?

Dental water picks use a high-pressure water jet to remove plaque from the tiny crevices between teeth and around the gum line. These areas are often difficult to reach with a toothbrush. That's why the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends flossing every day. However, not everyone can manage to floss, which can lead to plaque building up on the teeth, leading ultimately to cavities and gum disease. Fortunately, a water pick is an effective alternative. Simply point the tip of the water pick at the gaps between teeth and along the gum line, and the high-pressure water jets will do the work of removing the harmful plaque for you. The stimulation provided by the pulsating water jets also massages the gums.

Why Use a Dental Water Pick?

There are many reasons to use a dental water pick over traditional string floss or a floss pick. If you have dental work or appliances such as dental implants, bridges, crowns or braces, then you might find it very difficult to clean around them with string floss. Using a water jet, you can work around the dental work or orthodontics to keep your teeth clean. Many people also find it difficult to perform the fine motions necessary to floss their teeth; for these individuals, a dental water pick could be much easier and faster to use.

Dental Water Pick Features

When choosing a dental water pick, you also need to consider which features you want the device to have. Would you prefer a cordless or corded model? Although cordless models are more convenient, as you do not need to be near a power outlet to use them, you do have to remember to charge them regularly. Lightweight cordless models are very useful for travel, whereas larger models offer a range of features to thoroughly clean all parts of your mouth. For example, some WaterPik models offer specialized tips for cleaning the tongue and around orthodontic devices, in addition to the standard water jet tip. Simply attach the tip you want to use to the handle to get an effective clean. Many models also allow you to adjust the water pressure, so you can use the intensity of water jet that is most comfortable for you. Take a look at the selection of dental water picks to find out which one has the features you need.

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