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Denture Cleanser Tablets

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Denture cleanser tablets

Denture cleanser tablets promote oral health by keeping dentures free of odor, stains and bacteria. These tablets clean dentures within minutes, and you can also use them to clean retainers. Several well-known denture companies make cleanser tablets, including Polident and Efferdent.

Denture cleaners and oral health

Toothpaste is great for cleaning teeth, but it has abrasives that can scratch and damage dentures. Dentures are much softer than teeth, which is why using denture cleansers is a better alternative. Denture tablets give dentures a deep clean while killing the majority of odor-causing bacteria that gets into the cracks and crevices of dentures. Denture cleanser tablets come in a variety of minty flavors, so they promote oral health and keep breath fresh.

Using denture cleansers daily

Like toothpaste, denture cleanser tablets are designed for daily use. You can use them to soak dentures or retainers overnight, or you can use them to quickly soak these items during the day. For the best results, you should brush your dentures after soaking them, but this is not necessary. Denture cleaning tablets remove harmful bacteria and plaque while soaking, so you can simply rinse them thoroughly with running water if you don't have a brush handy. One tablet and a cup of warm water is all you need to clean your dentures and retainers. Most packs of denture cleanser tablets contain a 30 to 60 day supply, so they will last a long time, and you'll have plenty to share with those in your household.

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