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Denture Cleansers

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Denture cleansers

Easily and effectively care for your dentures with trustworthy denture cleansers. Not only will your dentures stay clean and germ-free, habitual cleansing can help reduce stains and boost whiteness for a brighter, healthier smile. has cleansers from well-known brands like Polident and Fixodent.

Uses for denture tablets

In addition to working on dentures, denture cleansers are also effective when used to clean orthodontic retainers, partial dentures or almost any other removable orthodontic appliances. Denture cleanser tablets are simple and safe enough to use every day. Each cleanser tablet dissolves in water, creating a solution that will soak away plaque buildup, food particles and germs, reducing the risk of gum irritation or other oral hygiene issues that can result from poorly cleaned dentures. Antibacterial denture cleansers leave your dentures not only looking clean, but also smelling fresh all day long. To wake up with a bright smile, soak your dentures in denture cleansers overnight.

Choosing denture cleansers

During everyday use, dentures can build up stains and lose original brightness. Denture cleansers help restore your dentures to their full shine. Whitening denture cleansers target and tackle stains that can build up from food, tea, coffee, wine and other common culprits. In addition, mouth freshener denture cleansers work extra hard to reduce unwanted odors and provide you with fresh, clean breath all day long. Use fast-acting denture cleansers if you prefer to clean your dentures during your busy daily routine or grooming regimen. Denture tablets make it easy to care for your orthodontic appliances with the effectiveness you deserve.

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