Denture Tablets

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Denture tablets

Keep your dentures clean with minimal effort using denture tablets that are easy to use. Denture tablets are added to water to soak your dentures, partial, retainer, or mouth guard. These denture cleansers can remove tough stains caused by food, wine, coffee, and smoking without scrubbing or brushing, which can scratch your dentures. The tablets also remove bacteria that can cause odor, which leads to bad breath. Some tablets will also leave your dentures minty fresh after cleaning, so you can feel more confident. There are also denture cleaning tablets available that have the added benefit of whitening your dentures during cleaning. There is a wide selection of denture tablets available, so you can choose the right one for your individual needs.

Cleaning your dentures

Different denture tablets work in varying amounts of time for your convenience. If you have a busy schedule and are in a hurry, there are denture cleansing tablets available that work in as little as three minutes, so you can clean your dentures quickly while you get ready in the morning. If you need a deeper cleaning to leave your dentures sparkling white, try an overnight denture soak. An overnight soak can get rid of difficult stains and bacteria while whitening your dentures. It can also remove food particles that can lead to gum irritation. Using an overnight cleanser can make your dentures look and feel like new, which can make you feel more confident.