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Denture Cleaners

Keeping dentures and bridges clean is an important part of a daily care regimen. Clean dentures are healthier, feel better, look their best and last longer. Whether using a soaking method or a brushing cream, the cleaning process removes food particles and plaque, keeps dentures feeling fresh and presents a beautiful, bright smile to the world. There are many different types of denture cleaners, offering convenient and effective ways to keep dentures looking and feeling great, and providing great anti-bacterial protection. Effervescent soaks allow for ease of cleaning, as the bubbles help to soften plaque, kill bacteria and reduce stains. Some types of soaks take only a few minutes, while others are formulated for overnight soaking. Choose whichever is most convenient for your schedule and needs. Some denture and bridge wearers prefer to use a denture cleaning paste with a brush as a way to remove food particles and stains, sterilize the device and bring a fresh, clean feeling. As with all denture cleanser products, it is important to read and follow directions for maximum effect and safety. Soaking containers and cleaning brushes also provide extra convenience, and help to make cleaning faster and easier.

Clean Dentures for Good Oral Health

Dentures and bridges trap food particles and become coated with plaque, just the same as happens with natural teeth. The reaction of food and beverages with the natural enzymes in saliva creates conditions in which bacteria can quickly grow. This condition not only makes your mouth taste sour and causes mouth odor, but can be harmful to your health. People who wear dentures and bridges can develop gum complications, causing pain and denture-wearing difficulties. By cleaning dentures and bridges frequently and thoroughly, the growth of bacteria can be suppressed, for a fresher feeling and better oral health. Denture cleaners are also a great way to remove the stains that come from food, beverages and tobacco. Keep your smile looking bright and attractive. Good denture maintenance also helps them last longer, by removing the acids and bacteria that can physically break down the denture materials over time.