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Designer dog beds

Pamper your dog with a designer dog bed to give them a comfy place to lie. Choose from different shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics for dogs of many sizes. There are even pet beds in fun shapes such as a donut and a dog. Majestic Pet Products, Sleeping Gnome, Midwest and Doskocil Inc all offer designer dog beds to give your pet a special place to rest.

Care and comfort

Some dog beds include a surrounding bumper to give your dog something to lean against or rest its head on. Other beds for dogs have a bumper with an opening so an older dog can get in more easily. There are oval, round and rectangular sizes and some rectangular dog beds that can fit into crates. If you have an older dog or one with hip problems or arthritis, try an ortho mat that is made with medical-grade foam for even support.

More dog accessories

You can find other dog accessories to help care for your pet when you're on the move as well as at home. There are covers for your car seats that not only provide a comfortable space for your dog, but can make cleanup easier because they contain the dog hair. Most of these dog seat covers are waterproof to help minimize mess. We also carry dog blankets to protect your pet's coat and keep it warm when walking in chilly weather.

Pet healthcare

If you're worried about your best friend's health and well-being, try pet prescriptions from Walgreens. Get name brand prescriptions to treat your pet for many common illnesses. Pet medications can be expensive - especially at the veterinarian's office, but you can cut your costs while getting your pets the medicine they need sent right to your home.