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Diabetes snack bars

Manage your hunger with diabetes snack bars. These tasty treats are formulated to satisfy your appetite without causing a blood sugar spike. There are several flavors available so you have a variety to choose from. Try a diabetes snack bar from brands such as Glucerna or ExtendBar.

Managing hunger

Many diabetes snack bars have a chocolate flavor, so you can substitute it for candy bars or other sweets you may miss. Ingredients typically include fiber to help you feel full and slowly digestible carbohydrates that work to minimize blood sugar spikes. Managing your diabetes can be a bit easier when you have good food on hand; and diabetic snack bars are a great alternative to have available when hunger strikes.

Sugar-free foods

We carry a broad selection of sugar-free food here at Walgreens.com. You can find artificial sweeteners and baking mixes that omit sugar. There are a variety of sugar-free snacks including candy, cookies and puddings and gelatins. There are also a number of sugar-free drink options. If you're looking for variety, try a sugar-free gum in your choice of flavor.