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Diabetes travel cases

Keep all your necessary supplies close at hand with diabetes travel cases. These handy cases can accommodate many of your diabetes supplies so you can safely transport your insulin, syringes or even used lancets. There are insulated cases to keep your insulin cool and some diabetes travel cases include freezer packs that you can chill ahead of time. Find a travel case for diabetes supplies from Medicool here at Walgreens.com.

Safe transport

There are several diabetic supply organizer cases to choose from. Determining what you need to take with you can help you select a diabetes travel case. If you need an insulated travel case, there are some that are designed to carry bottles of insulin, and others can transport diabetes pens or syringes and vials. Some diabetic travel cases have organization pockets and places for a number of different types of diabetic supplies including pens, syringes, lancets, used lancets, test strips, bandages and swabs.

Managing diabetes

Having a convenient diabetes travel case allows you to have your testing supplies or insulin with you wherever you go. Find what you need to manage your diabetes on a daily basis, including diabetes monitors, testing strips and more. In addition to testing kits and supplies, we carry diabetes nutrition, including supplements, shakes and snacks. You can also find diabetic cold medicine to remedy your cough and congestion. Try diabetic socks and foot creams to help protect against bacteria and fungal growth.