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Diabetic Shakes

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Diabetic Shakes

A healthy diet is a vital part of diabetic care, as what you eat every day can have a major impact on your blood sugar levels. When you eat well, you can keep those levels better controlled and as a result lower your risk of developing complications due to diabetes. It's not always easy to find time to eat healthy, but there are solutions available to supply you with nutrients when you're on the go. At Walgreens, we have a selection of diabetic shakes from popular brands like Glucerna that can fit easily into any healthy eating plan for diabetes care.

Why Use Diabetic Shakes?

Often times, the foods that are easiest to purchase and consume on the go are the least healthy. Fast food is high in saturated fats and sodium, both of which experts caution against consuming too much. Snacks from vending machines may also contain excess fat and sodium as well as sugar, making them less than ideal for diabetics. Diabetic shakes are every bit as convenient as these other readily available foods, as they can be enjoyed quickly anytime, anywhere. The shakes are formulated to supply a complete array of nutrients and the calories needed to supply the body with fuel for energy. This can make them a good alternative to hitting the vending machine or the drive-thru when you're short on time.

What Shakes Are Suitable for Diabetics?

Diabetic shakes are formulated especially for people with diabetes. As a result, they typically include a unique blend of carbohydrates and often do not contain added sugar. This helps to ensure that the shakes don't cause a significant spike in blood glucose levels after they are consumed. In addition, most diabetic shakes are enriched with nutrients that some scientists believe may help to keep blood sugar levels in check. Many are also high in protein. Diabetic shakes are designed to help manage blood sugars as part of a healthy, balanced diet. However, the products are not meant to treat diabetes or take the place of insulin or oral medications for the disease.

Explore the Options

You have two main options to choose from when selecting diabetic shakes. If you're looking for something that is very quick and simple to prepare, a ready-made shake is ideal. These products are already in liquid form and prepackaged into single serving bottles. Want to be able to create your own shakes by adding extra ingredients or experiment with making your shakes with a variety of consistencies? A powdered shake mix may be a good choice for you. These products can be used as the bases for do-it-yourself smoothies and often can be combined with different types of liquids to create shakes of varying thicknesses. Other things to consider when comparing shakes are the calorie counts and sugar content levels of the products. You may also choose to look for shakes that are gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan to complement your diet.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Diabetic shakes can fit nicely into a healthy diet for those with diabetes, but are not designed to be a sole source of nutrition. Your body still requires additional nutrients, and consuming a variety of nutritious foods is important for maintaining a healthy body. Always consult with your health care provider for advice regarding your individual diet. Only your doctor can advise you as to how often you should be drinking diabetic shakes and which types are right for you.

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