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Dial Antibacterial Soap

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Dial Antibacterial Soap

Nothing feels better than being clean and odor-free. Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap is made to give you that "just washed" feeling that stays with you all day long. Let Dial help you stay cool, dry and pleasant smelling no matter what you're doing or the time of day.

Showers and Baths

For quick showers or long baths, grab a bar of Dial Antibacterial Soap to start the morning off right or remove dirt and excess oils at the end of the day. You'll get the odor protection of a deodorant soap without drying your skin out. Odor protection continues even after you jump out of the shower. If you're a man, you can enjoy the benefits of a deodorant soap made just for you. Dial Antibacterial Soap for Men combines the cleansing power of soap with ingredients that kill odor-causing bacteria. Don't forget to carry a bar with you to the gym for your post-workout shower.

Solutions for Clean Hands

If there's one part of your body that carries germs, it's your hands. Think how many things your hands touch during the day, including surfaces that harbor cold and flu viruses. Dial Antibacterial Hand Cleansers are made to fight germs and bacteria to help promote good health during cold and flu season. Despite its potent germ-killing power, it's still gentle on your hands. These soaps come in easy-to-use dispensers and refills are available. Choose from light, pleasant scents like citrus, cranberry and luscious aromas like fresh pear.

Moisturizing Benefits

Some Dial Liquid Antibacterial Washes have added moisturizing ingredients like soothing aloe vera from the aloe plant leaf. The unique combination of ingredients in these anti-bacterial soaps removes dirt and bacteria while softening and conditioning your skin. Its exceptional cleansing action is gentle enough to use throughout the day, whenever your hands need cleansing and refreshing.

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