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Digital baby monitors

Gain peace of mind with digital baby monitors. When your baby is sleeping and you need to keep tabs on him or her, a baby monitor will give you the freedom to do what you need to get done. You have multiple options when it comes to deciding on the right infant monitor. There are monitors with belt clips for hands-free carrying from room to room. You can also decide if you want a video baby monitor so you can keep an eye on your baby. Shop for digital baby monitors from brands such as Graco or Levana.

Keeping baby safe and comfortable

Many of the digital baby monitors include a feature that detects the temperature in the room so you can also know if your babys room is comfortable. There is a talk back feature on some digital monitors that allows you to talk to your baby through the monitor from where you are. Look for baby digital monitors that have an alarm to indicate a low battery, and a frequency that wont draw interference from phones and other electronics.

Video options

In addition to picking up sound on your digital baby monitor, you can choose a model that has video capability. These baby video monitors can come with a parent monitor that has a screen so you can view the room in real-time. Alternately, you can try a wireless baby camera that gives you a secure view of activity in the room from anywhere you are if you have an Internet connection. These video monitors can also be used to watch pets that may be causing trouble while youre away.