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Disney Princess Cups

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Disney Princess Cups

Convenient for parents and stylish for youngsters, Disney princess cups will leave everyone in your household happy. These durable plastic cups available here at Walgreens feature your child's favorite Disney characters, serving as a fun accessory for a princess or birthday party, mealtime or snack time. Make the next glass of milk, water, or juice more fun by adding these Disney princess cups to your kitchen cupboard.

Durable and Practical

Disney princess cups are sturdy, well-designed cups that are perfectly suitable for young children. Durable lids make these cups spill proof, even if your youngster knocks the cup over or tosses it to the floor. In fact, some lids are so secure that they even make the cups leak proof should they tip over. As a result, these cups are also perfectly portable. Slip them into your diaper bag so that your child can have a drink on the go.


Innovative cup designs make these Disney princess cups as functional as they are fun. You can choose double-walled insulated cups that keep liquids cold for longer. Or, opt for a simple plastic cup with a coordinating lid and straw -- a cup so affordable that you won't mind replacing it if it gets lost. One-piece lids are easy to remove and clean, without the worry of losing different pieces. Plus, these BPA-free plastic cups are dishwasher safe, making them simple to keep clean.

Various Characters

In addition to these features for parents, Disney princess cups offer some fun for kids as well. Brightly colored, whimsical designs feature some of your youngster's favorite Disney characters. Choose from several styles, which feature portraits of Disney princesses, including Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and more.

Shopping Tips

Choosing the right Disney princess cups for your family depends on your child's needs. Make sure your child is ready to drink out of a straw, as all Disney princess cups come with convenient straws which keep the liquid away from your youngster's developing front teeth. If you plan to take the cup outside of the home, opt for the leak-proof variety. For home use, any Disney princess cup can help keep your child hydrated and happy.

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