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Disposable razors

Disposable razors can be a convenient option for temporary or travel grooming. There are different types of disposable razors that are available on the market. offers disposable razors from well-known brands like Bic, Gillette and Schick.

Men's disposable razors

Men's disposable razors tend to have at least two blades up to four blades for a precision shave, and these razors also generally have a moisture strip with vitamin E to sooth the skin. Twin-blade razors are common for men as are triple-blade razors or even quad-blade razors.

Women's Disposable Razors

Disposable razors marketed towards women tend to have more colors and shapes. Some women's razors include razors with two or three blades for a closer shave, as well as moisture strips on razors for sensitive skin to keep the skin moisturized and free or irritation. Additionally, there are also disposable bikini razors for the most sensitive areas. In addition to having the actual disposable razors, in order to effectively shave your hair off, you can get shaving cream. There are many shaving creams made for sensitive skin while others are scented. Once you have finished shaving, if you are prone to razor bumps, use an aftershave to prevent bumps and irritation.