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Dog biscuits

Dogs love dog biscuits, and their owners love giving them these special treats. These tasty little canine snacks come in a variety of shapes and flavors to please both owners and pets alike. Walgreens.com offers dog biscuits from brands like Milk-Bone.

Dog treats

Dog biscuits are typically hard and dry, though soft versions also exist for older dogs that may have trouble chewing. The hard texture of most dog cookies helps clean the surface of the teeth when the dog chews the treat. Many dog treats are shaped into the form of a small bone, and they come in small, medium, and large sizes for different sized dogs. When choosing dog cookies for your pet, you should choose the correct size for your dog to eat in a single bite. Look for dog biscuits with a healthy grain base, such as oats, or a single protein source, such as fish, chicken, or lamb. Some treats are promoted as all-natural dog cookies, while other biscuits contain extra nutrients to promote canine health.

Using dog treats

Don't use treats as the primary source of food due to their high-caloric content. Instead, offer your dog a nutritionally balanced dry or wet dog food and use dog biscuits as an occasional snack. Many owners use dog biscuits as a reward during obedience training or when teaching the dog tricks. Offering a small dog treat to your dog can help reinforce the behavior or trick you just taught and keep the dog interested in learning more.