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Dog collars

Dog collars come in many colors and styles, and are an important accessory for your pet. Our collars come in different sizes, colors, and patterns, so you are sure to find the perfect accessory for your pet. Walgreens has collars from tradional leash brands like Pet Shoppe to electronic collars from Radio Systems.

Why purchase a collar for your pet?

Dogs that wear ID collars are more likely to be returned home if they get lost because an ID tag can be engraved with an owner's address or phone number. A collar can also prevent a lost dog from being treated as a stray. You can buy a matching collar and leash for walks, or a harness will work just as well if your dog is sensitive to wearing a collar.

Different types of collars

Some collars serve different purposes to basic ID collars. For example, bark collars might be recommended for dogs that have trouble with barking but do not respond to training. This type of collar sends a small electrical pulse when the dog barks and can help to teach the dog that barking is unacceptable in some situations. Flea collars are recommended for dogs and cats. Fleas can carry dangerous diseases so it is important to keep your pet flea-free. These special collars can be worn along with a regular collar. Keep your dog safe by purchasing one of our dog collars; choose from one of many different colors and designs to make your pet's accessory reflect your own unique style.