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Dog Collars For Small Dogs

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Dog Collars for Small Dogs

With the pleasure of having a dog come responsibilities. Part of the duties of dog owners is to take care of their pets and dog collars are an important piece of equipment. The relationship between dogs and people is one of the oldest and closest bonds that humans have established with other animals: the companionship and assistance that dogs provide is one of the great pleasures of life, from childhood to advanced age. Help keep your dog safe and secure with a properly fitting dog collar.

Gentle, Humane Control

One of the highlights of a dog's day is going for a walk with its owner. It's not only a time to take care of some business, but it provides exercise (for both human and animal companion) and a time to socialize. It is important, however, to keep the walk a safe experience. Most cities and towns require that dog owners keep their pets under control, and dog collars for small dogs can help provide a safe and comfortable way to attach a leash. This helps prevent the dog from racing off in its excitement, and potentially becoming lost or getting into a dangerous confrontation with other dogs or wild animals. Leashing also helps control dogs from jumping up on or otherwise bothering other people, digging or damaging property. A good quality collar is comfortable and sized just right, to keep from either choking the neck or being loose enough to allow the dog to pull out of it.

Identification Please

It only takes one gate left unlatched or a few minutes of digging under a fence for a beloved dog to quickly leave the safety of a yard and become one of millions of dogs lost every year. When dogs are wearing a collar with an identification tag or pet license, however, the chance for reuniting dog and family is greatly increased. Many localities also require pets to wear tags showing that their vaccinations are up to date, too. Having proper identification on your dog can be much simpler with the right collar.

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