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Dog fleas treatment

There are a number of dog fleas treatment types that can benefit your pet. Some last for a month at a time, while others come in the form of a collar or patch. When dog fleas treatment is necessary, you may wish to use a flea treatment with a topical application. This type of formula is made for pets of differing sizes, so it is important to use one that matches your pet's needs. Flea treatments can kill ticks and fleas that can cause pets to get a number of diseases, including Lyme disease. Pet flea treatments help treat things like sarcoptic mange mites as well.

Flea treatments

Following the application of a collar or topical flea treatment, your dog should be flea free for a number of weeks. Some brands work for four weeks, while others have shown to work for up to three months. The application will kill different insects at different rates, so it is best to reapply the flea solution when the time comes. Lice can also be controlled by flea treatments, so it is important to treat your pet as often as necessary to prevent unwanted bites and stings from dangerous creatures. You may be able to purchase a few months worth of dog fleas treatment solutions at one time, depending on the package you find. Some dog fleas treatment aids come as combo sets with a collar and medication for your pet.