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Dog grooming clippers

Keep your dog's coat trimmed with dog grooming clippers. You can buy a clipper alone or a pet clipper kit that has different guide comb attachments. We also carry dog nail clippers to keep your pet's nails at a healthy length so they won't scratch your floors. Find a dog grooming clipper from Wahl, Andis or QuickFinder here at Walgreens.com.

Knowing what you need

Your dog's size and breed may dictate the dog grooming clippers you should use. Some hair clippers have stainless steel shears and come with a cleaning brush and blade oil to keep the blades clean and clear. Detachable blades are even easier to clean and maintain. You may also want to check out how long the cord is and how loud it is.

Electric dog nail clippers are built with a safety sensor to let you know when it is safe to clip and when you are too close to the quick. The sensor technology makes it much easier to clip your dog's nails at home with the handy indicator to help know you won't hurt them when trimming their nails.

Beyond grooming

Taking care of your dog or other pets can be a full-time job. Find what you need to keep your pets happy and healthy here. We carry snacks & treats, flea & tick control products, and dog health care supplements. You'll also find creature comforts such as dog beds for general use and in crates, car seat covers to keep your vehicle interior clean and dog blankets to protect their coat when they are outdoors.