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Dog Grooming Equipment

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Dog grooming equipment

Dog grooming equipment makes it easy to keep your dog's coat neat and its nails trimmed. Dog grooming clipper kits can come with different guide comb attachments to help you cut to the right length. Electronic nail clippers have sensors so you don't cut the quick. Dog shampoo, slicker brushes and other dog grooming equipment from JW Pet, Canus and Pet Naturals is here at

A clean, healthy coat

Several types of shampoo for dogs are available, including soothing formulas that combat dry skin and those formulated to prevent yellowing of white coats. There's even shampoo for puppies. Both a brush and undercoat rake are meant to help prevent matting and you can use either or both. Flea combs can help you rid your dog of fleas. Slicker brushes can be used on both dogs and cats and you can use shedding blades to help reduce your dog's shedding.

Essential dog supplies

Find the dog supplies here to help keep your dog in good health and even pamper it a little, too. There are several varieties of dog food, including canned and bags of dry dog food. Automatic dog feeders replenish the food bowl and there are food and water combination feeders, too. We carry flea, tick & deworming products, as well as dog health care supplements. Pamper your pet with snacks & treats and new dog toys to help them expend their energy. You'll also find comfy dog beds, car seat covers and dog blankets to make your life easier as well as keep your pet happy. You can also keep your dog healthy with pet prescriptions as well.

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