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Dog harness

Treat your dog the way you would want to be treated by attaching your dog's leash to a comfortable dog harness instead of a collar. A dog harness is the healthier option for your dog and can be used to safely transport your pet in moving vehicles. Protect your cherished family member's health by exercising with them while also making it more comfortable. Walgreens carries harnesses from well-known brands like Pet Shoppe and Four Paws.

Another way to walk your dog

There is a better way to walk your dog than using the traditional collar and leash method. Attaching the leash to a dog harness that fits comfortably around your pet's midsection like a vest is a healthier way to lead your dog. Tugging your dog around by the neck creates a choking hazard and can damage your dog's throat, especially if your pet is prone to pulling. Innovation is not limited to products that benefit people. Your dog can benefit from the latest innovation in pet accessories when you fit him with a dog harness. Dog harnesses come in various sizes to fit small and large dogs and feature adjustable straps so you can easily ensure your pet's comfort.

A dog harness is a safe alternative

A dog harness for your car is the safe way to transport your pet. Like a seat belt, a pet vehicle safety harness provides enough flexibility for comfortable movement when the car is operating normally but restricts movement when the car comes to a sudden stop. The dog harness attaches to your car's seat belt system in moments, making it an easy option for the safety of everyone in the car. You can also attach a leash to this type of dog restraint when your pet exits the vehicle.