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Dog Toys

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Dog toys

When you want to get your dog active, you need dog toys. These small toys feature a design that appeals to pets, including soft toys with stuffing that your dog can use inside and outside. Walgreens carries plenty of dog toys from trusted brands like Pet Shoppe.

Choosing pet toys

As a pet owner, you might know that there are hundreds of different pet toys available. When picking dog toys for your dog, you should take into account your pet's preferences. A soft toy, also known as a stuffed toy, looks like a stuffed animal with soft stuffing inside and a soft outside. Many of the stuffed toys have a squeaker or another element inside that makes noise when your dog bites it. Rubber dog toys are another option for those who have dogs that often rip apart toys. These toys feature a hard rubber or plastic exterior that can withstand more pressure than a stuffed toy. Manufacturers also make stuffing-free toys, which lack any type of stuffing inside.

Interactive toys

If you have an active dog, you might try interactive toys. These dog toys have a design that serves multiple purposes. For example, you might use a laser pointer, which has a small light that appeals to animals. As you shine the toy around the room, your dog will run around chasing it. You can also find dog toys that have space inside for storing dog treats. Your dog must find a way to open the toy, if he wants to get the treats.

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