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Dog Training Collars

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Dog training collar

Whether you're training your dog to walk on a leash or looking for a bark control collar, shop our selection of dog training collars to find what you need. We carry a variety of dog collars in different colors and sizes for small, medium and large breed dogs. Some dog training collars from brands Radio Systems and Pet Shoppe have quick-release closures, are adjustable and have a ring for a leash attachment.

Training assistance

For bark control, certain dog training collars use a spray of citronella to correct unwanted barking. Many dog bark collars don't require you to use any external controls, so they can be a simple way to modify your dog's behavior. Other dog training tools here at include treats, crates and training pads that can help with housebreaking.

Caring for your pet

You can keep your pooch busy with dog chew toys that include dental treats, bones and rawhide as well as plush dog toys with squeakers inside. Make traveling with your pet safer and simpler with car barriers that keep them in the rear of the vehicle. Dog flea control for your dog's health and comfort comes in flea collar, and flea shampoo.

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