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Double Sided Tape

While certain school/office supplies are always required to complete common tasks, others have more specific uses for niche projects. Double sided tape can be a worthwhile adhesive to have on hand if you are into decorating or crafting because it goes on clean and is incredibly easy to use. At Walgreens, we have several different types of double sided tape from top brands like Scotch that can be used to attach a variety of materials.

Double Sided Tape Uses

Certain crafting or decorating tasks simply require the use of tape that has adhesive on one side. However, other projects are more easily accomplished using double sided tape. As an example, this sort of product can come in handy for mounting photos in an album or for scrapbooking. Double sided tape can be as effective as glue without being as messy or difficult to contain.

When decorating your house, you might also use this type of adhesive to hang up posters or photos on the walls. Another type of double sided tape can be used on fabric and enables you to make non-permanent alterations to clothes or home d�cor by adjusting hemlines or securing cuffs.

Types of Double Sided Tape

You can choose between several different types of double sided tape when trying to find the product that is best for your particular project.

Rolls mounted in a traditional tape dispenser are the most common and give you the ability to tear off custom-sized strips. This tape is also available with either temporary or permanent adhesive.

Permanent provides a very solid and long-lasting hold that isn't designed to be adjusted, while temporary still holds your objects in place but won't cause any damage if you decide to move them around later.

A double sided tape pen can apply a very thin strip of adhesive to an object and comes in very handy if you are doing a craft that requires intricate precision.

Double sided tape for fabric is made of completely different materials so that it will be more flexible while still providing a firm hold.

It's easy to get your next project underway when you browse the selection of double sided tape available from Walgreens.