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Dove Deodorant

Smell good while keeping perspiration under control with Dove Deodorant. Formulated for both men and women to match their specific body chemistries, Dove offers a wide variety of deodorant products, ranging from normal Dove Deodorant Powder Aerosol sprays for daily use to Dove Deodorant Solids for more active wear. Dove products are built for multiple skin types and include long-lasting applications in several scents.

Choosing the right deodorant for you

Whether you prefer a scented roll-on deodorant or want an anti-perspirant deodorant with tougher sweat-fighting ability, Dove has the right product for you. Choose from one of Dove's Men +Care line including their non-irritant Cool Silver anti-perspirant, sweat-fighting Extra Fresh anti-perspirant and 48-Hour Clean Comfort deodorant. For ladies, choose from Go Fresh anti-perspirant, original Invisible anti-perspirant, Body Mist Revive, Skin Renew or Clinical Protection anti-perspirant for sensitive skin in a variety of scents. Pick your desired level of protection and preferred scent for a Dove deodorant solution that is right for you.