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Dove Go Fresh

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Dove Go Fresh

Dove Go Fresh personal care products contain natural ingredients that refresh the skin and leave behind a pleasant scent. The Dove Go Fresh line includes everything you need to get ready in the morning, including soap, antiperspirant and shower gel.

Go Fresh products from Dove

Dove has been a trusted name in skincare for generations, and Dove Go Fresh products add a natural touch with ingredients such as plums combined with Sakura blossom extract, cucumber and green tea, and nectarine along with white ginger. These natural ingredients provide refreshing scents that combine with the Nutrium Moisture skin moisturizing complex in Dove Go Fresh body washes to make every shower a pleasant and invigorating experience. These natural ingredients are also found in Dove Go Fresh antiperspirant sticks as well as in Dove bar soaps that are based on the time-tested Dove soap formula. Light, refreshing body mists from this collection of naturally enhanced Dove products are ideal to refresh your skin every morning after you shower and wash up as well as during the day.

Choosing Dove Go Fresh products

Dove Go Fresh skin care products are meant for all skin types, and you can choose either a whole range of products, including antiperspirant, body wash, bar soap and body mist with one fresh, natural scent or mix and match products with different scents. Keep a bottle of body mist from Dove Go Fresh in your bag or work drawer so you can refresh yourself with it during the day.

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