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Dove Men Care deodorant

Dove Men Care deodorant is a line of antiperspirant products specifically designed to be used by men. These products work by reducing the amount of sweat and destroying the underarm bacteria that cause body odor.

Antiperspirant options

Dove Men Care deodorant works for an extremely long time compared to most other antiperspirants. This deodorant continues to work against underarm wetness and odor for up to 48 hours. The non-irritating formula is also easy on sensitive skin. Dove Men Care deodorant contains moisturizer in its antiperspirant formula. This antiperspirant comes in a few different scents designed to appeal to men. Women's deodorant tends to have a more floral, feminine scent and is designed for a woman's physiology, so women may prefer to choose a deodorant designed for them. Walgreens.com also carries a line of Dove deodorant for women, as well as other brands of both women's and men's antiperspirant. Individuals with excessive perspiration may need a clinical-strength antiperspirant]to control sweating.

Underarm care

In addition to using Dove Men Care deodorant or another antiperspirant, underarm care involves washing the area regularly with soap, body wash, or shower gel. Washing regularly can help remove any buildup of sweat or bacteria that can lead to body odor. If you notice a rash or skin irritation in the underarm area, you may need to try a different deodorant because you might be sensitive to the ingredients in the one you are currently using.