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Dr Bronners

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Dr. Bronner's

When you need a mild soap or a vegetarian product for your personal care routine, one option is Dr. Bronner's. Multiple formulations and scents are available, making it easy to find a soap that is both convenient and enjoyable. Dr. Bronner's soaps are castile soaps, an olive oil base.

Castile soap

Dr. Bronner's brand products do not contain harsh detergents or synthetic ingredients, so they may be preferable to regular soaps if you have dry or sensitive skin. These soaps serve multiple purposes as well. Liquid castile soap is a common ingredient in homemade cleaning products, meaning you can use Dr. Bronner's for showering and cleaning your floors, among other things. Made of mild ingredients, these soaps are also safe for babies and pets. The bottles contain concentrated liquid soap, so a little bit goes a long way. For showering only, consider using a long-lasting bar of Dr. Bronner's.

Selecting Dr. Bronner's products

These soaps are available in scented and unscented varieties. The scented soaps contain refreshing oils, such as peppermint, citrus, or lavender, so you may want to consider the aromatherapeutic properties of each scent when selecting a product. When used for massage, the scented varieties may enhance your feelings of relaxation. Although the soaps can also be used for shaving, you also have the option of selecting a Dr. Bronner's product formulated specifically for that purpose. The organic shaving gel contains natural ingredients for a smooth shave and moisturized skin.

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