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Drakkar Noir

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Drakkar Noir

Even after you leave the room, your scent lingers, reminding others of your presence and making a long-lasting impression. If you want your scent to convey masculinity and strength with a touch of exotic, sensual appeal, Drakkar Noir is the perfect fragrance to make your signature scent, and Walgreens offers the scent in many forms to meet your needs.

The Fragrance That Made History

In 1982, designer Guy Laroche released his newest cologne with the exotic name of Drakkar Noir. Intended to convey power and masculinity with a touch of mystery, the men's fragrance quickly began to win awards. Today, its popularity has not diminished. In fact, it has grown with Drakkar Noir now an international sensation worn by discerning gentleman all around the world.

A Complex, Exotic Scent for Men

Drakkar Noir is truly unique among men's fragrance products and has a scent unlike any other. When you first experience the fragrance, you'll be treated to attention-getting top notes of herbal basil and rosemary, refreshing green mint, soothing lavender and zesty verbena and lemon. Then, the heart of Drakkar Noir becomes apparent with wormwood, juniper, coriander and angelica tantalizing and teasing the senses. After continued wear, the masculine, woodsy base notes of oak moss, cedar, pine needle, balsam and patchouli take over and keep you smelling great throughout the day.

Traditional Fragrance for Daily Use

Looking to make Drakkar Noir your signature scent? An eau de toilette spray is the ideal choice. If you've never experienced Drakkar Noir before, you can opt for a small bottle to familiarize yourself with the fragrance. Small bottles are also ideal to take with you when you travel or to store in a gym bag or messenger bag for touch-ups on the go during your daily routine. Ready for a larger supply? The eau de toilette spray comes in bigger bottles to meet your needs. The fluid ounce rating will tell you just how much fragrance is featured in each bottle to make finding the perfect eau de toilette solution a simple task. You'll see this volume rating listed as "fl oz" in the product information at Walgreens. The collection also includes gift sets and scented personal care products with the powerful fragrance of Drakkar Noir.

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