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Drakkar Noir Cologne

In 1982, French designer Guy Laroche created a new fragrance to meet the needs of men who wanted a signature scent that would help them get noticed and stand out in a crowd. After winning numerous awards, that fragrance, Drakkar Noir, went on to become one of the most popular scents for men of all time, and today is considered a true classic.

An Exotic Fragrance for Him

Drakkar Noir is a truly unique fragrance for him that is perfect for men who prefer sensual, spicy scents. At the base of this remarkable fragrance is a mix of earthy aromas, including oak moss, cedar, pine needle and balsam. Patchouli is added to enhance the exotic qualities of the longest-lasting notes. At the heart of the fragrance, angelica root, wormwood, juniper and coriander exude warmth and create a robust, powerful bouquet. The top notes that complete the fragrance include basil, rosemary, verbena, lavender and lemon, which give the fragrance a clean, fresh approach. The unique mix of fragrance notes allows the first experience of Drakkar Noir cologne to be subtle. Then, the unique scent builds in strength, leaving a lasting impression that is unlike any other.

So Many Ways to Experience the Fragrance

Guy LaRoche offers Drakkar Noir in many forms in order to fully meet the needs of every man who wants to experience the remarkable properties of this classic fragrance. The eau de toilette spray options are ideal for daily wear and provide a scent that will last throughout the day, but that is still light enough to not overwhelm the senses. The eau de toilette is available in a variety of sizes. Choose a small bottle for convenience when traveling or for touch-ups at work or at the gym. A small bottle is also a great way to introduce yourself to Drakkar Noir and see for yourself how its masculine bouquet awakens the senses and adds to your appeal. Larger bottles are available for men who want a longer lasting supply. In addition to the traditional eau de toilette, you can find gift sets that combine the fragrance with skin and body care essentials that allow you to add the scent of Drakkar Noir into your daily grooming routine.