Drive Medical Wheelchairs

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Drive Medical wheelchairs

Choosing the right wheelchair for your needs involves a number of considerations, including your level of mobility, how much back support you require, where you will use the wheelchair and what activities you intend to carry out. At Walgreens, you will find a wide selection of Drive Medical wheelchairs. By browsing our website, you can find a model that will match your requirements. If you want to propel yourself, even occasionally, a wheelchair with large rear wheels and push rims is a must. Self-propel wheelchairs increase your freedom by allowing you to move to a location without waiting for a caregiver to push you along. If you want to choose between supported walking and a wheelchair, the combined rollator and transport chair provides you with options. It can be adjusted between a four-wheel rollator and a transport chair without using tools. A lightweight frame is an ideal choice if you will mostly use your wheelchair indoors. However, if you will spend a lot of time outside, you may prefer a heavier, more robust frame that will withstand journeys over uneven ground. If you will often pack your wheelchair into the trunk of your car or if storage space is limited, choose a model that folds down easily. If you prefer a self-propel wheelchair, quick-release rear wheels can help you to store and transport your chair.

Wheelchair accessories

You can customize your wheelchair with a range of accessories that are designed to make life easier. The Drive Medical range includes a variety of specially-designed holders for items such as walking sticks, oxygen cylinders and medical supplies. A detachable tray allows you to support items in front of you, including food, paperwork or craft materials. Gel-filled cushions can help make your wheelchair more comfortable and alleviate pressure. If you have difficulty reaching your wheel lock, you can purchase an extension to lengthen the wheel lock handle. A portable ramp that folds down into its own carry case can assist you when you need to negotiate routes that include moving from one level to another. Drive Medical ramps come in a number of different sizes to accommodate different elevation heights.