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Drug Test

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Drug test

A drug test is available that can indicate drug use, whether it is for a school or corporation, or just for at home. This drug test can be helpful for those who want to make sure their children or friends are drug-free. Drug tests can test either for specific drugs or for a range of drugs, depending on what you are looking for.

Types of drug tests

A drug test doesn't have one form. There are many types of drug test that can be purchased, from those that use a piece of hair for drug identification to urine samples. At home drug testing can be done with a number of products, but each one will look for different drugs and may use different methods to do so. Some popular drug tests look for the top six drugs, twelve drugs, or for a specific drug that you may be looking for. There are specific drug tests available, such as marijuana drug tests, cocaine, steroids and more.

Drug test confirmation

Many at home drug tests must be mailed in to receive the results. This anti-drug tool is always 100 percent confidential, so it is the perfect solution for someone who wants to test for drugs without going to a medical facility. In hair-based drug tests, results will indicate if the user is abusing the drug on an occasional level, medium level, or at a high level. The only drug that can't be indicated this way is marijuana. Results are normally returned within two to three days, and the clinic that finds the drug test results is certified.

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