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Dry Skin

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Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you usually suffer from patchy or flaky skin. A good moisturizer can reduce the flaky patches that you experience, but you might try other products to relieve your symptoms too. There are plenty of products made to combat dry skin including lotions, balms and body washes all available at

Choosing a moisturizer

A good moisturizer is the first step in healing your dry skin. When shopping for facial creams, make sure that you purchase a cream specifically designed for dry skin. Creams designed for oily skin can make your skin look worse, while a cream for normal skin will not help your dry patches. You can choose between a skin cream or a moisturizer. The moisturizer is generally thinner, but moisturizer absorbs into the skin quickly. Facial creams have a thicker consistency, and you can use this product on your face, neck or anywhere on your body where you have dry or flaky skin.

Other dry skin products

You should look for other products designed for dry skin, which help you skin heal. A dry skin shaving creams is just one example. Ordinary soap and other types of shaving creams can dry the skin on your legs during shaving. The shaving cream hydrates your skin, which keeps the razor from damaging the skin. You can also find facial cleansers, bar soap and body wash designed for those with dry skin. The soaps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, get rid of debris trapped on your skin and moisturize your dry skin.

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