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Dry Erase Markers

Whiteboards are convenient for home, office, and school use. With a reliable stash of dry erase markers on hand, you can ensure that you always have the tools you need to make the most of these boards. At Walgreens, we offer an array of dry erase markers, available in a number of sizes and styles. Evaluate what type of markers you need, and then stock up on dry erase markers in a rainbow of colors.

Types of Markers

Dry erase markers are designed to be used on dry erase boards, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. Standard sized markers are ideal for use on large surfaces, as they have a large tip. Fine-tip dry erase markers are available as well. These markers offer precision and work well on smaller surfaces. A chisel tipped marker also delivers the precision you need to convey your information. You can even find washable dry erase markers, which are important when they are used in the classroom by children. Dry erase markers come in several sizes. You can buy packs of markers in sets of two to eight, depending on your needs. The larger pack you buy, the more colors you receive.


Dry erase markers deliver intense color to your whiteboard, allowing for your information to be clearly displayed. Many of these markers are specially formulated to feature a low-odor ink. Just as importantly, the markers are also non-toxic. Dry erase markers come in a variety of colors, from basic black, red, and blue to pink, purple, orange, green, and more.

Tips for Use

Make the most of your dry erase markers by following these helpful usage tips. Do not shake the marker before using it. Instead, simply remove the cap and use the marker on an appropriate surface. Ensure that the cap is firmly placed back onto the tip of the marker after use. If the marker is uncapped for an extended period of time, place the cap back on for at least 24 hours before uncapping and the marker should recover. To maximize the life of your dry erase markers, store them in a horizontal position when they are not being used.